The origins of SAIMP date back to 1904. The entrepreneurial vision of Vittorio Anselmi led to him founding the Società Anonima Industrie Meccaniche Padovane in Padua, specialising in precision mechanics which even came to be exported to “the Americas”.
In 1949, in the very midst of the post-war period, Virginio Anselmi, Vittorio’s son, built a new plant for producing machine tools, lathes and milling machines. It soon became a reference point for national and international entrepreneurs. In fact at the time the SAIMP factory was a model of innovation, both in terms of the production processes and machinery used, and for the standard of training of its staff.
In the Sixties, SAIMP and the renowned SAIMCA numbered over one thousand employees, and it was Italy’s largest producer of machine tools, and indeed the fifth largest in the world.
Following the death of Virginio Anselmi, SAIMP passed into the hands of major private and public industrial groups. Since 2002 the milling and milling-boring machines are made by MECTRA SAIMP.
Thank to the experiences in the international field, gained during its long history, today the SAIMP brand is revitalized by Vittorio Anselmi as an industrial integration company, able to study and implement higly innovative projects.